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Study Shows BioCell Collagen Ingestion Reduced Signs of UVB-Induced Photoaging, Which Accounts for a Significant Amount of Visible Skin Damage

New peer-reviewed, published research finds branded dietary matrix of hydrolyzed collagen type II, chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid reduced the formation of wrinkles and helped maintain skin

Apr 28, 2020
Study Shows BioCell Collagen® Can Visibly Reduce Common Signs of Skin Aging Within 12 Weeks

New peer-reviewed, published research finds that daily use of the dietary ingredient BioCell Collagen® can visibly reduce facial lines and crow’s feet wrinkles and boost skin elasticity

Aug 29, 2019
BioCell Technology Announces BioCell Collagen® Skin Aging Clinical Trial Poster Presentation at ASN Nutrition 2019

Dietary supplementation with BioCell Collagen® significantly reduced facial lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet lines/wrinkles, increased skin elasticity and cutaneous collagen con

Jun 12, 2019
BioCell Collagen® Featured in Duplex Max-Joint Plus for Joint Support
Dec 31, 2018

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